Reflexology glossary

Glossary Hand Reflexology ・There are reflexes on the hand which are associated with specific body parts and by stimulating these reflexes, positive health benefits can be given. It is effective in relieving stress and tension, balancing the body and improving nerve and blood supply. The hands may not be as sensitive as the feet and there are deeper rreflexes, but it is equally effective.
Foot Reflexology ・it is the most paractised form in the UK , based on the principle that the feet have reflexes which are related to other body parts. Stimulating these reflexes can increase the nerve and blood supply, balance the body, and relax the client.
Polarity therapy ・it is a variant of reflexology, which replaces the yin and yang opposition with the positive/negative energy charges of the sides of the body (the right side is positively charged); massage purportedly restores the proper energy balance.
Acupressure ・It is a specific method used in massage, which releases muscular tension by applying pressure to the acupuncture points, releasing blockages and allowing the energy to have a free flow.
Shiatsu - A Japanese method of acupressure utilising gentle finger pressure rather than needles. This Oriental therapy integrates finger pressure on acupuncture points with tender joint mobilisation. It works on the principle of enhancing the flow of vital energy through the meridians of the body.
Yoga ・In Europe , Hatha yoga is the most commonly used technique. It unifies the body, mind and soul using defined movements, controlled breathing and mental training. It increases physical flexibility and resilience.