Falls present a serious health risk to older adults.

Avoiding Falls Among Seniors Falls are caused by a number of things, but to older adults falls present a serious health risk. There are ways and strategies to prevent accidents from happening such as doing exercises that would improve strength, balance and flexibility; review of medications that may affect balance; and doing certain home modifications that will reduce fall hazards.
Exercise makes a person stronger but including those that improve balance and coordination are especially helpful. Lack of exercise leads to weakness thereby increasing the chances of falling. Regular medications should be reviewed since medicines have different effects on people as they age. Medicines or combinations of them can sometimes make a person drowsy or lightheaded which eventually leads to a fall. The eyes should also be checked so that the corresponding correction, if needed, can be done. Poor vision due to glaucoma or cataracts or those caused by wearing the wrong glasses likewise increases the chances of falling.
Falls are the leading cause of injury deaths among older adults in the US. Half of those hospitalized for hip fractures cannot return home or live independently after their injury. This is why it is important to keep homes as safe as possible. The first step is to remove all things that can be the cause of tripping in stairs and other places where walking is frequently done. Items that are used often should be placed in cabinets that are easy to reach to minimize the use of a step stool. Rugs should have double-sided tape to keep them from slipping and the use of non-slip mats on bathtubs and shower floors is recommended. The home should also have suitable lighting. The presence of handrails and grab bars in applicable places will provide the much needed support for an aging adult.
The real fountain of youth lies in diet and exercise. It sounds simple but it is actually hard to do especially in the present environment where convenience rules. It would take a strong personal commitment to health and quality to achieve enhanced vitality during the senior years.